Compare the most popular WordPress hosting plans and prices.

Which WordPress hosting plan is right for you? We compare GoDaddy, EasyWP (Namecheap), Hostinger, Hostgator and Bluehost; and premium hosts like Kinsta, WPEngine, Siteground, Liquid Web and Flywheel with Hustly.

In this article we compare the 10 most popular WordPress hosting plans, their features and prices. We will also highlight why Hustly stands out for having the most value for money WordPress hosting plans.

The hosting providers are categorized into 2 tiers: (i) Basic WordPress hosts – who offer a basic setup at a cheap price and (ii) Premium WordPress hosts – who offer premium features but are more expensive. You will often find them branding themselves as “managed WordPress hosting”. The comparison is done between the basic annual plans for all the hosts.

Basic Hosts

The chart below compares 5 popular Basic hosting providers, and compares their features with Hustly.

GoDaddy vs EasyWP vs Hostinger vs Hostgator vs BlueHost vs Hustly
GoDaddy vs EasyWP vs Hostinger vs Hostgator vs BlueHost vs Hustly (Click image to zoom)

These hosts try to provide a basic hosting setup for a simple website, at an affordable starting price. Be warned that many basic hosts dramatically increase their renewal prices as their starting price is often part of a ‘special offer’.

Basic hosts usually do NOT provide features such as SSD hosting, Nginx servers, caching, dedicated CDN or a staging environment. These features are often critical for optimally running a modern website. None of the basic hosts offer multiple websites in the starter plans.

Another major downside with basic mass-market hosts is that aspects of their service such as customer support, can feel generic. They may also indulge in practices such as bundling their own proprietary software, making it difficult for you to switch providers at a later stage.

Premium Hosts

The chart below compares 5 popular Premium hosting providers, and compares their features with Hustly.

Kinsta vs WPEngine vs Siteground vs Liquid Web vs Flywheel vs Hustly
Kinsta vs WPEngine vs Siteground vs Liquid Web vs Flywheel vs Hustly (Click image to zoom)

Compared to the basic hosts, the premium managed hosts focus on additional features and benefits and as a result can be up to 10 times more expensive in some cases.

However, unlike basic hosts, you will find modern features such as SSD hosting, Nginx and dedicated CDN included as standards. These companies also focus on providing high quality WordPress focussed support. Unlike basic hosts, you will not be left chatting with an automated support bot when your website is broken.

The popular Managed WordPress hosts tend to have multi-million dollar businesses as clients. Consequently, some of their features such as custom team collaboration dashboards, might be overkill for small businesses which do not have dedicated website development teams.

Why Hustly is the best of both worlds

At Hustly, our goal is to provide a premium WordPress hosting service that is still affordable for small online businesses and bootstrapped entrepreneurs. Our approach to achieve this is the same as the Premium hosts. We focus on the quality of our WordPress services.

In contrast, most basic hosts tend to bundle a bunch of unrelated low quality services to make their packages look attractive. However, you will read numerous complaints about the quality of their WordPress hosting service itself.

For instance unlike basic hosts, both, Hustly and the premium hosts, offer limited or no email hosting in their plans. This is because offering a high quality email service suite is expensive to build. Even the large well resourced basic hosting companies usually offer a low quality email service. The vast majority of users prefer to use sophisticated email providers, with modern business features, such as Gmail, Outlook or iCloud.

Unlike Premium hosts, we focus on serving smaller customers. Our customers are not large venture capital funded startups. Most of our customers are solo business owners or web developers, who have limited development resources. As a result we don’t have to invest in development of expensive features that help multiple large teams to work together.

An example of the above is how the Hustly hosting setup includes an advanced Plesk hosting panel. Many premium managed hosts often do NOT offer a hosting panel, or offer a custom proprietary panel. We think this is so because managing individual access of employees to the panel can be problematic to manage for a large corporation.  However, for a small business or solo entrepreneur, having easy access to an advanced hosting panel is critical. They often cannot afford to hire a full time CTO to login to the server.

An underrated advantage of Hustly over other hosts is that we allow you to manage and connect unlimited domain names and websites. In addition, our starter package allows you to manage and launch up to 3 WordPress websites from the panel. Almost all other hosts only allow you to host ONE website and domain name in their starting plan.

We are a small and lean business, and have very conservative marketing budgets. We strive to innovate technically and learn from our customers, and provide the most value for money hosting plans for our users.

If you have any feedback on or questions about our plans and services, please let us know in the comments section below or reach out to our support.

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