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FAQs about Hustly WordPress hosting plans.
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Why do I need Hustly’s WordPress hosting plans?

Our WordPress hosting plans are ideally suited for small online businesses, content creators, early stage startups, agencies and other small website owners.

Our plans and hosting setup are built on modern fast infrastructure, and carefully crafted to include the essentials that are expected from a high quality WordPress host. With Hustly, you are assured that you have a premium modern WordPress hosting setup at an affordable price.

We include features that are typically only found in the most premium WordPress plans, and we offer them at a fraction of the cost. Find out more about how we compare to other WordPress hosts here.

What hosting plans are available?

We offer three premium WordPress hosting plans — Professional, Expert, and Agency. Each plans is available in an annual or monthly subscription package. The annual package is up to 28% cheaper, so it is as good as having 3 months FREE, every year. If you are looking for deeper discounts, look at our 3-year upfront plans, that are up to 48% cheaper. To see each plan in greater detail, see our hosting plans.
How do I purchase a Hustly WordPress hosting Plan?

To get started with our managed WordPress setup, follow the steps below. Please note that a real email address that you own, will be required to successfully finish the account creation process.

STEP 1: Select a hosting plan that best suits your needs.

STEP 2: You will be prompted to Sign up and create your Hustly account. If you already have a Hustly account, login with your credentials.

STEP 3: Purchase a hosting plan by connecting a payment method. All payments are handled by Stripe™. For alternative payment arrangement, please contact our support.

Once you connect your payment method, you will be able to launch your first website from your Hustly dashboard. To access your Hustly dashboard, login to the Hustly Website Management App, with the account credentials that you used to create your Hustly account.

How do I launch my first WordPress website?

The Hustly WordPress Management App makes it very easy to launch WordPress websites in minutes. With our one-click WordPress installation process, even non-technical users can easily launch WordPress websites, without any coding knowledge. Please check our detailed guide to launch your WordPress website in minutes.

How do I login to my hosting panel?

Once you sign up for a plan and add your account details, your hosting panel login details will appear in your dashboard. You can generate your login details inside the Hustly WordPress Management App. Simply use the credentials provided to login to your hosting panel. A detailed guide to login to your hosting panel is posted here.

What are some common website manage tasks that I can perform in my hosting panel?

Our hosting setup comes with a Plesk – the most powerful and modern hosting panel for WordPress and simple websites. Some of the common tasks that can be carried out from the admin panel are:

  • Setting up your domain names.
  • Managing files and directories.
  • Configuring Email and FTP.
  • Configuring the hosting environment.
  • Scheduling backups and security configurations.
  • Installing or uninstalling WordPress and other applications.
  • Developer tasks such as configuring git or setting up a stage environment.
  • Adding and managing additional users.
What WordPress performance optimizations are included in the WordPress hosting setup?

Our WordPress hosting setup includes a range of built-in performance optimizations. With our hosting setup, you can be rest assured that you will have a fast website that will please your users.

All our servers are hosted in premium data centers, and use native SSDs for website storage. Our servers are Nginx, which has very significant performance advantages and scalability advantages. Traditional WordPress hosting companies still haven’t upgraded legacy systems to Nginx. Our setup is also pre-configured to have a dedicated cache and CDN setups, with options to use super fast Nginx caching.

Want to makes your website faster? Simply reach out to our support and our experts will help you out. Free speed and performance consultations are included in our hosting plans.

Can I Install any WordPress plugin of my choice?

Yes. With Hustly you get a fully working WordPress installation with the ability to install any third party WordPress plugin, including those you create yourself.

Please keep in mind that installing WordPress plugins can break or adversely impact your website. Our technical support cannot guarantee to help you with plugins that do not come pre-installed in your Hustly setup.

If you wish to install a WordPress plugin yourself, we recommend following our WordPress plugin installation guide, which has some valuable tips.

How can I create a complete backup of my website?

To create a full backup of your website, including the database, please carefully read and follow the instructions here.

How much uptime can I expect with my hustly websites?

We aim to have our websites up all the time – that is 100% uptime. You can expect to have your website up all the time, when you choose Hustly. Downtime due to scheduled maintenance are rare.

IMPORTANT: Risks of downtime caused by technical errors, cyber attacks, and hacks are real for online businesses. All Hustly websites are constantly monitored by our experts for any downtime. We have the ability to detect errors and downtime within a few minutes, and aim to deploy a fix immediately.

I am trying to update my website myself, but I cant see my changes. Why is that?

If you can’t see latest changes on your website, despite hard-refreshing your browser, or in your browser’s incognito mode, then
the most likely cause of this is that your Cache & CDN are still serving your old content. To clear your cache and CDN, please carefully read and follow the instructions here.

How do I clear my website’s Cache and CDN?

To clear your cache and CDN, please carefully read and follow the instructions here.

How can I upload or edit my files in my WordPress folder?

Please login to your hosting admin panel to access your files. If you wish to access your files via FTP, you will find your FTP credentials inside your hosting panel as well.