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Do you really need a technical co-founder?

Looking for a technical cofounder for your startup? Here are 7 reasons why you may not need one.

Increasingly, non-technical founders are launching their startups without the help of a dedicated technical co-founder. Online tools and services have made it remarkably easy for non-technical startup founders to start an online business. The help of a dedicated technical co-founder is not always necessary. This trend is often called the “no code”/”low code” movement – the phenomenon where first time non-technical entrepreneurs are able to bootstrap a startup, using little (low) to no code.

Pirates model for marketing funnels
Startup Marketing Funnels

Startups, here is why you need a marketing funnel before you launch your product.

For startups to succeed, they must find a way to build a solid distribution channel. Not spending enough time building a distribution will eventually lead to unsustainable marketing costs. You don’t want to wait for your product to launch. If you are working on launching your application or product, you should already be prioritizing building your funnel.