Why WordPress is the best for building landing pages In 2024

Learn why WordPress is the top choice for building landing pages: Easy customization, fast load times, seamless integrations, scalability and adaptability make it stand out.

It is well known that some of the biggest websites in the world, ranging from the White House and Sony to CNN and the Rolling Stones, use WordPress for their websites. But WordPress is also a top choice for creating landing pages.

Be it traditional businesses who simply want to capture leads online, or online businesses, SaaS, gaming, marketplace, agencies and  tech startups; its range of no-code page builders, plugins, themes and widespread integration with 3rd party marketing tools, makes it an excellent and convenient choice for building landing pages.  The wide range of adoption speaks volumes about the ability of WordPress to meet the needs of  building landing pages of all kinds.

In this article, we will explore why WordPress is the ideal choice for creating impactful landing pages, covering a range of essential aspects that make it a go-to solution for marketers and non-technical teams alike.

So here are some reasons why WordPress is the best for building landing pages:

(1) Giving marketing & business functions independent control

For many startups, it’s common nowadays to host the landing page on the main domain (e.g., example-startup.com) and the product or app on a subdomain (e.g., app.example-startup.com).. This allows marketing teams to work independently without needing to rely on the Product or Technical teams for carrying out content marketing tasks, make changes to the landing pages, or integrate with third party marketing services.

(2) Easy to build high quality landing pages

WordPress is renowned for its array of user-friendly page builders, catering to users of all technical levels.. Notable builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and Bricks, along with WordPress’s own Gutenberg blocks, offer intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and a range of pre-designed templates. These tools greatly simplify the process of creating and customizing professional landing pages that are responsive and look slick on devices of all sizes.

Additionally, some WordPress themes come with advanced editing functionalities, enhancing the page building experience. Themes such as Astra, OceanWP, and Kadence provide users with extensive customization options, allowing for even more tailored and sophisticated landing page designs. These themes and page builders collectively make WordPress a highly adaptable platform for crafting effective and visually appealing landing pages.

(3) Wide range of themes and plugins

The extensive selection of themes and plugins in WordPress ensures that businesses can find the right design and functionality for their landing page. This diversity allows for the creation of landing pages that not only function well but also align with the brand’s identity. There are themes that are more minimalist, and themes that have all the latest CSS animations and tricks from 2024. Further, with so many page builders and editing plugins available in the ecosystem, one can easily customize any theme, template or a blank slate into the designs of their choice.

For those familiar with coding, WordPress’s open-source nature allows for complete customization, and you can have your custom coded templates replace the in-built ones. Custom coded pages have many advantages, including less cluttered code that loads faster on web browsers. With AI code generator tools, it is today easier than ever to generate and deploy landing pages with WordPress.

(4) Easy lead capture mechanisms

WordPress simplifies the integration of lead capture features such as email popups. This is essential for businesses looking to grow their customer base and convert website visitors into customers or engaged audience. With several options available to build complex forms, one can easily make interactive lead capture tools such as quizzes, forms, widgets and more. Want to have your website visitors subscribe to your newsletter to download an eBook? Easily done with one or two plugins.

(5) Fast page load times

Speed is a critical aspect of successful landing pages. With a bit of tweaking, achieving lightning-fast page load times with WordPress is easy. WordPress has several advanced code optimization, caching and CDN integration capabilities, including 3rd party plugins with easy to use configuration options. These tools significantly enhance page loading times, which improves user experience as well as search engine rankings.

Since WordPress pages consist of static assets served by PHP, setting up complicated and time-consuming SSR/SSG functionality and infrastructure is not required.  Using some judgment and planning, it is easy to build completely static WordPress pages (just plain HTML + CSS and minimal or no javascript), loaded entirely from cache, distributed via any major fast CDN. This approach allows for building pages with almost instant page load times.

(6) Advanced marketing integrations

Integrating WordPress with popular third-party marketing tools, ranging from analytics tools and CRMs to cookie consent management tools, is straightforward. Most software vendors will often have their own dedicated plugins for WordPress. And an array of excellent third party plugins makes it possible to integrate the most common marketing tools in minutes. And all this, without any coding or dependence on a developer.

The most compelling endorsement of WordPress’ capabilities as a landing page builder comes from Unbounce. Despite being a very successful company known for offering a specialized landing page builder, Unbounce themselves choose WordPress for their own landing page. This decision underscores WordPress’ effectiveness and adaptability.

Similarly, Klaviyo, a leading marketing technology company many marketers swear by, also opts for WordPress for their landing page. This is not surprising, as WordPress’s ability to meet the demanding needs of advanced technical marketing is second to none.

(7) Scalable

We know a lot more about scaling up WordPress because of its widespread use. There are time tested methods to scale WordPress both vertically and horizontally. Its open-source nature and multiple internal API layers make decoupling functionality straightforward at any future time. One can go as far as to use WordPress purely as a headless WordPress back-end for their blog.

These multiple flexible paths to scalability make it a popular choice among startups and app developers for their landing pages. A notable example of this is the very popular game Angry Birds, who use WordPress for their landing page. Many startups begin with a WordPress landing page even before launching an MVP to secure pre-launch sign-ups and sales.


WordPress stands out as a top choice for building landing pages. Its ability to empower marketing teams, ease of use, capability to create fast-loading pages, speed optimization options, lead capture functionalities, and the vast range of themes and plugins make it a preferred option for many startups and online businesses. WordPress continues to be a valuable asset for creating effective landing pages in the dynamic online world.


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