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Pirates model for marketing funnels

Startups, here is why you need a marketing funnel before you launch your product.

For startups to succeed, they must find a way to build a solid distribution channel. Not spending enough time building a distribution will eventually lead to unsustainable marketing costs. You don’t want to wait for your product to launch. If you are working on launching your application or product, you should already be prioritizing building your funnel.

Number of WordPress Plugins

How To Safely Install WordPress Plugins

Installing and uninstalling WordPress plugins is easy. Plugins and powerful, and the combination of “easy” and “powerful” can be a recipe for disaster. Here is our guide to safely install WordPress plugins.

The Six Critical Features Every eBook Website Needs

The Six Critical Features Every eBook Website Needs

A website allows you to connect the dots of your online presence together. Your website will be the main place for hosting your blog and content. It is common for readers to visit your website, looking to buy and download your eBook. Your website, if setup properly, will be your most useful marketing tool.

ffiliate marketing wordpress website template and theme

5 Critical Features Every Affiliate Marketing Website Needs.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most widely adopted online business models. All affiliate marketing websites require some key features to succeed. Here are the 5 critical features we believe every affiliate marketing website needs.


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