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Hustly - Getting started with WordPress and understanding the basics.

A beginner’s guide to understanding WordPress and its basics.

WordPress is the internet’s favorite way to create your own website or blog. An advanced CMS like WordPress, allows users to update web pages, blog posts, images or e-commerce products without any programming or coding. Just about any kind of website can be built with WordPress.

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How To Safely Install WordPress Themes

There are over 8500 WordPress themes in the WordPress theme directory, and installing them only takes a few clicks. Here’s our step-by-step guide.

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How To Clear Your WordPress Website’s Cache & CDN

As a website administrator, you will often need to purge your cache and CDN in order to see the latest changes on your website. This guide will show you how to purge your front-end and primary website cache, as well as your CDN.

WordPress - How many plugins are too many?

How many plugins is too many for your WordPress website?

Generally 10-15 plugins are enough for some websites to meet their needs. This is particularly true for inexperienced website administrators who need simpler websites. It is common for bigger websites to use 40 or more plugins, but they are often maintained by experienced engineers. Theoretically, you could install hundreds of plugins, but we highly recommend keeping the number below 40.

Number of WordPress Plugins
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How To Safely Install WordPress Plugins

Installing and uninstalling WordPress plugins is easy. Plugins and powerful, and the combination of “easy” and “powerful” can be a recipe for disaster. Here is our guide to safely install WordPress plugins.

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