Why should I choose Hustly for hosting my WordPress website?

We list the 9 reasons why Hustly is the best host for your WordPress website(s). Our suite of integrations, add-ons, & tools makes us perfect for online business.

The Hustly high performance managed WordPress hosting setup is more than just standard WordPress hosting. It is a managed WordPress hosting service specifically designed for content creators, marketers, startups and online businesses. Our suite of integrations, add-ons, & tools makes us perfect for online business.

So here are the 9 reasons why we feel Hustly is the best host for your WordPress website(s) :

1. Beginner friendly.

Our beginner friendly website management app lets you easily launch & manage multiple websites from a powerful dashboard. Common tasks like installing WordPress can be done in just one click.

Install WordPress in one click
The Hustly website management app lets you install WordPress in just one click.

2. Technical assistance at every step.

Our 24/7 global support team of technical experts specialize in web development and digital marketing. Get reliable assistance through the entire process of building and growing your website.

A few common services we include for free, to help our customers get started with their websites:

  • WordPress migration
  • Plugin and theme installation
  • Email & domain configuration

3. Includes website building, marketing & business tools.

Get all the tools you need to start. Get professional plugins, themes, powerful visual website builders, marketing tools and email configurations, installed and configured for you.

Hustly Modern eBook Website Template
Get access to hundreds of fully functional website templates editable without code.

Access hundreds of beautifully designed, fully functioning website templates, themes and widgets that work on devices of all sizes and resolutions. Our support team is always here to help you with the perfect plugin and theme combinations that fit your needs.

4. High performance setup for a faster website.

Get faster page speeds and load times with a setup that is already optimized for speed.

  • All our servers are running fully native SSD.
  • Unlike most hosts, our servers run Nginx.
  • We give you the option to have Nginx caching enabled. Stop using hacky cache plugins.
  • We include a professional dedicated CDN in all our plans. Get your pages to load faster than what is possible with a basic Cloudflare setup.

Additional performance boosts are available depending on the nature of your website. These include image optimization, code minification and more. We understand that performance is not a one size fits all solution. Simply reach out to our support, and we will do a performance appraisal & setup for your website.

5. Have complete control of your website.

Our advanced Plesk based hosting panel lets you easily configure and have full control on your website and hosting environment.

Hustly Hosting Admin Panel
Manage and fully control your hosting environment from an advanced admin panel (Plesk).

Easily manage multiple domain names, SSL certificates, email, websites, manage multiple WordPress installations, plugins and more. Add others users as admin to your hosting account. Easily create multiple ftp accounts to manage file transfers across teams.

6. Cloud backups and simplified website security.

Easily setup & schedule fully restorable cloud backups of your entire website to your favorite provider (Amazon S3, Google Drive, DropBox). One of the most foolproof defenses against  hacks & data losses.

Hustly Scheduled Automatic Cloud WordPress Backups
Schedule automatic backups of your entire WordPress website to the cloud.

Our admin panel lets you easily manage out of date plugins, themes and packages. Easily setup notifications, to know when critical plugins, themes and website components are out of date.

7. Developer friendly.

Get the flexibility that power users need. Get full control of the packages in your hosting environment. Easily integrate with your git repository. With additional website slots in each plan, easily launch simple static pages or Nodejs based applications from your plan.

8. Affordable, simple & honest pricing.

We are committed to offering WordPress as a service to bootstrapped and resource constrained entrepreneurs at a reasonable price. We strongly believe that comparing our features to our pricing, makes us the most value for money WordPress host in the market.

  • Save more money with honest and flat pricing – no surprise price hike. Unlike other hosts, we do not have a higher renewal price or any other hidden special promo period or other pricing tricks. We are committed to keeping our pricing honest.
  • Features of premium managed hosting, at regular hosting prices.
  • All our plans start with a 30 day free trial and a liberal refund policy.

9. On demand web development & marketing services.

Get reliable services such as marketing integrations, website, plugin & theme development for free or at affordable rates. Want a feature added to your website? Simple reach out to our support, and we will work with you to find the easiest update path. Get a rough estimate of our development rates using our free website cost calculator.

Still not convinced?

With our 30 day free trial and liberal refund policy, you have nothing to lose. Get started today, and launch your website.


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