How to login to your Hustly hosting admin panel.

Access your hosting environment via the Plesk admin panel. Easily launch websites, manage domain names, access files and configure your hosting environment.

This article is a guide for customers on Hustly WordPress hosting plans.

If you are on a Hustly WordPress hosting plan, you will be able to access your hosting environment via the Plesk admin panel. The Plesk admin panel has a whole suite of advanced controls and configuration options. Some of these features include launching – (i) migrating or cloning websites in 1 click, (ii) connecting and managing new domain names including their DNS settings (iii) accessing files on your hosting server via FTP or a browser based file managers, (iv) accessing your hosting server settings and directives (v) accessing your cache settings, (vi) managing your installed packages and many others.

Access to your Plesk hosting panel is provided through the Hustly website management app. In order to access the hosting panel, you should have already set up the following, during the Hustly hosting account set up process:

  1. Purchased a hosting plan from Hustly
  2. Added a domain name to your Hustly account
  3. Updated your hosting account with a server admin user name.

Once you have completed all the three steps above, your Plesk login details will in the website section of your Hustly hosting account. Simply login to the Hustly website management app and select the domain for which you need to access the corresponding Plesk panel.

Hustly App Select Website
Select your domain in your Hustly account.

Scroll down to the “Hosting admin panel” section, and you will find the admin details for the Plesk panel that manages the selected domain.

Hustly Hosting Admin Panel Section
Admin Panel Section in the Hustly app.

If you have not generated a password for your Plesk panel before, or have forgotten your password, setup a new password by clicking on the “Generate New Secured Password” button. A secure password will be automatically generated and showed to you.

Hustly Generate Hosting Panel Password
Generate and set a secure password for your hosting panel.

Please ensure that you copy and save this password, as this will be shown only once. If you forget your password, you will need to generate a new password, by selecting the “Generate New Secured Password” button again.

Once you have saved the password, set your Plesk password by checking the confirmation box and clicking the “Set New Password” button. .

Please wait for the password update process to finish. Once you have set the password, you should be able to login with your new credentials.

To login to your admin panel, simply visit your Hosting Panel Admin Url, shown in your Hustly account dashboard, and login with your newly generated credentials.

Hustly Hosting Admin Panel
Hustly Hosting Admin Panel (Plesk)

Please note that if you have chosen to launch websites multiple locations, you will have access to a unique Plesk panel for each location that you select. Each of your hosting panels will be setup with the same username, but unique secure passwords. You can reset your passwords from your Hustly account or from within the hosting panels.

Please note that your passwords are never visible through your Hustly account. You can only create new passwords. You should secure each of your admin panel passwords securely, and preferably in a high quality password manager.

The best security practice would be to update your admin panel passwords frequently (every month is a good start). Frequently updating account passwords keeps your panel secure.

We hope you found this guide useful. Please let us know if you have any comments or feedback below, or by visiting our support page.


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