4 Reasons Why WordPress Is The King Of Online Marketing.  

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Used by more than 60% of Websites and almost all online businesses, we explore what makes WordPress the ultimate tool for online hustlers.

There is an unwritten rule in digital marketing that everyone eventually uses WordPress.  Look at startups and businesses you know, who are consistently generating leads online. Look at the websites you yourself end up visiting. You will find that the vast majority of them are built on WordPress.

The vast majority of websites are, in fact, built on WordPress. WordPress in 2019 has more than 61% of the global CMS market share, up from 59% last year. It also continues to grow faster than the rest. In 2019, more WordPress websites were created than all other platforms combined.

WordPress CMS marketshare annual CAGR
WordPress has over 60% of the Website Builder and CMS marketshare

As this 16 years old platform keeps its dominant alive, we explore what makes it the ultimate tool for online hustlers. Here are the 6 reasons that make WordPress the ultimate inbound marketing platform.

1. Open and extensive ecosystem


WordPress is free Open Source software, which gives anyone the freedom to contribute to it, modify it or extend its functionality. This has led to the platform growing exponentially since inception.

Number of WordPress Plugins
Over 55,000 Plugins available inside the WordPress plugin store.

There are more than 55,000 WordPress plugins available for download in 2019, and this number continues to grow with the needs of the market.

The software is well understood and tested by its very large community. Security issues are fixed quickly and it ends up costing a tiny fraction compared to custom solutions and proprietary systems. The best part? Installing a WordPress plugin is so easy, you actually need to be careful.

2. Simply has the best tools for marketing


WordPress benefits from its incredible network effect.

Everyone likes to support WordPress since most websites use WordPress. This is particularly true for marketing. Since most marketers use WordPress, the latest and greatest marketing techniques and tools get invented for WordPress first. WordPress works with every SaaS (Software as a Service) vendor out there. Of course, every SaaS vendor chooses WordPress for their landing pages.

When Google made page speed an important SEO factor, the first page speed and CSS & js optimizations plugins and techniques were all on WordPress first. It took months – sometimes years for competition to catch up. Guess what? Unexpected changes are exactly what defines the internet and online business. The rules change every day, and only those adapt can survive.

The number of marking integrations and plugins that exist, are simply unmatched. SEO, email marketing, online ads, lead capture, retargeting, analytics, CRM integration – think of the problem and there is a plugin for it  and almost always, a few to choose from.

3. Flexible and easy to hack


What fuelled WordPress’s growth in marketing circles, was how easy it made it for non-technical team members to manage the website, and update it on a regular basis. This is critical for lean entrepreneurs, startups and online business, who have the need to regularly update their websites, post new content, run new campaigns and test new offerings.

WordPress Easy to Edit With Elementor
Incredibly Powerful Page Builder Elementor for WordPress

Over the years, WordPress has only gotten even easier to use. With modern page builders like Elementor, it is possible to build just about anything on WordPress – including fairly complex applications. Ultimately, WordPress is open source software and it comes with complete access to all the code, which you can endlessly edit and customize.

But isn’t WordPress more complex than easy online website builders? Yes. However, the trade-off is that you lose all the extra functionality of WordPress, which are needed to grow your business.

With WordPress you can build a business. The flexibility of WordPress allows iterative experimentation, which is critical for early stage businesses until they find Product Market Fit.

Once setup, most non-technical digital marketers who are used to using other software to create and edit content, find it easy to manage WordPress. With WordPress, you can add complex changes to your landing pages, ordering systems or website, without relying on your engineering team.

4. Easy to Scale 


WordPress scales, and it is great at it. Stories of multi-million dollar WordPress businesses are everywhere. Massive businesses use WordPress for all their online marketing and commerce.

One of the biggest challenges in scaling online businesses, is hiring and finding the right talent. There are thousands of WordPress experts, developers and designers all over the world. It is easier to hire a team for WordPress than any other web framework.

WordPress has a proven track record and some of the smartest brains on the planet are working on improving its ability to scale. With such a massive and dedicated user base, security issues and vulnerabilities are almost immediately reported. There is an ecosystem of Vendors who sell WordPress services of all flavors. With WordPress you are never locked in with one company or provider. It gives you the flexibility to select a different Vendor, when the time comes without having to rebuild anything.

So these were the 4 Reasons why we believed WordPress continues to be the CMS platform of choice for digital marketers.

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